How Richard Blais Makes Carbonara Healthy – Exclusive

The advantage of Blais’ method is that, since the carbonara sauce isn’t made with low-fat ingredients, it’s just as delicious as a traditional carbonara. You might argue that this means the dish isn’t actually healthy, but by eliminating the pasta, he drastically cuts the number of carbs, making this a good option for people following keto or other carb-restricted diets. Even better, broccoli contributes valuable micronutrients like fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate. Pasta is higher in calories and less rich in vitamins and minerals than broccoli.

The broccoli carbonara isn’t Blais’ only awesome idea for making a favorite Italian dish a little more nutritious. He also has a twist on spaghetti bolognese. This time, rather than ditching the pasta, he gets rid of the meat. “Instead of meat, grind up some mushrooms, carrots, and onions, and you’ll still have bolognese. You’ll still approach it and realize that it’s bolognese.” With tips like these, you can improve your diet without having to give up your favorite recipes and flavors.

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