How Jeremy Renner’s Diet Changed After His Near-Fatal Accident – Exclusive

While Jeremy Renner admits that he relies on his daily Silk protein shake to provide his base nutrients for the day (by the way, his daily smoothie always includes some kind of fruit and Silk’s Almondmilk), he’s no stranger to healthful eating.

also asked Renner how his diet changes when he’s shooting a Marvel movie that requires its main stars to be a little on the fitter side. He said, “You have to eat much cleaner, much leaner. It’s a lot of veggies and meats, pretty much. Typically, you’re on set and then you’re always eating, so you want to be eating good stuff and not just snacking. We snack on whole foods and good foods and, always, I still use my Silk protein milks, so it’s been great.”

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