How Hell’s Kitchen’s Season 22 Finalists Formed Lasting Friendships After The Show – Exclusive

The “bromance” that unfolded between Johnathan Benvenuti and Ryan O’Sullivan during Season 22 wasn’t an act. Echoing O’Sullivan’s sentiments, Benvenuti isn’t shy about the duo’s tight-knit bond. “My favorite moments of filming had to be the time I got to spend with Ryan off-camera, the friendship and the bond we’ve created,” the California-based chef told . “He’s an absolute brother to me, and I talk to him four to five times a day on the phone. Our girlfriends hate it. We call each other up all the time, bouncing ideas off each other, just to talk about life.” When the Season 22 finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” premiered, the pair came together at Hell’s Kitchen Miami to celebrate. “I’m driving on the way to meet him right now. Be with him in the next hour,” O’Sullivan told at the time.

Believe it or not, Benvenuti’s even fielding calls from another “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant now that the show’s finished: chef Jason Hedin. Though the two had some serious spats involving scallops on set, that’s all behind them these days. “Jason and I have since then become such great friends,” said Benvenuti. “He calls and asks how the kids are. It’s funny how on the show you could see clearly how much he really got to me. But it’s like when you work with someone and you kind of butt heads, but you stop working with them and you become best friends.”