Hot Vs Cold Apple Cider: How Temperature Affects The Drink’s Flavor –

Cider that has been chilled is more refreshing. We can all agree it’s far more preferable to grab an Angry Orchard on a hot summer day than a boiling mug. Beverage Director for Momofuku restaurants, Haera Shin, enjoys both but attests that “The beauty of apple cider is that when it is chilled, it’s like you’re eating the essence of fresh apples.” This is reinforced by Kavé Pourzanjani, who says, “Cold can dull our senses a bit, so a cold apple cider will taste drier and less sweet.” This makes it a better choice for those averse to the sweetness typically associated with cider. When it comes to serving a cold cider, Suzanne DeStio,  professional sommelier at One White Street in Tribeca, adds, “Spiked cold cider is super refreshing served on the rocks.” So keep a few ice cubes handy because you’ll surely want more after that first round! 

No matter what temperature you take your cider at this holiday season, be comforted that there’s no wrong way to do it! If you’re looking to cool off, there’s a myriad of endlessly refreshing spiked cider brands just a grocery store trip away. If cozying up by a roaring fire is more in your wheelhouse, then there’s nothing better you can do than put some on to boil and add a splash of dark rum or bourbon. The only constant you’ll need to look out for is having enough for everyone because when people catch wind of delicious cider being enjoyed in their vicinity, they’re going to want some, too!