Hot Cocoa Bombs, Ranked From Worst To Best –

Hershey’s is literally a chocolate company, so we expected this chocolate to be on point. Sadly, it didn’t quite hit the mark. First of all, it is advertised as having “mini marshmallows” when really it has those tiny micro marshmallows found in hot cocoa packets. These are fine, but they’re not the full mini-sized ones you get in a bag and see in some of the other hot cocoa bombs. There were at least a decent amount of marshmallows.

The main issue, though, is that the chocolate itself did not dissolve well. The chocolate clumped a bit at the bottom, though it did at least break open in a decent amount of time. This was better than the Ello Market and the Williams Sonoma ones, which initially did not lose any of their shape and just remained solid balls in steaming hot milk.

Finally, the taste of this chocolate was just not quite where we wanted it to be. The milk chocolate was a little sweet and not intensely chocolatey. Part of the problem seemed to come from the fact that this is milk chocolate, which then gets watered down with more milk. The bomb needs a higher percentage of chocolate to make up for that, and at the end of the day, this hot cocoa bomb didn’t have that.