Hope Foods Plant-Based Hummus And Dips, Ranked –

This Plant-Based Spinach Artichoke Dip was pretty good. It was actually the first one I tried, and honestly, it wasn’t too bad. Full disclosure here: I’m not the biggest artichoke fan. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve sampled it more than once in my entire life. With that said, I tried to appreciate the dip for what it was despite the fact that I had yet to be acquainted with the interesting and distinct flavor of the main ingredient.

If I were to describe this dip, I’d say it’s garlicky and smooth, but still slightly chunky. As I continued to plow through these hummus and dip samples, I realized this was the case for most of them, as they are advertised as “lightly blended,” meaning you can expect them to have some unevenness in terms of consistency. The flavor was pleasant, robust, and quite garlicky, and I could see someone who really loves artichokes digging this one.

If you’re an artichoke fan or tend toward garlicky and savory flavors, this is one of the dips from Hope Foods that I’d recommend you check out.