Frozen Waffle Fries Ranked Worst To Best –

After the disaster that was the Pictsweet sweet potato fries, we were worried about the Alexia brand sweet potato waffle fries. Thankfully, these ones were not only better than the Pictsweet but they also exceeded most of the traditional waffle fries we tried. Alexia opted to go the savory route instead of the sweet one, and the result was a delicious sweet potato fry.

The spicing on these fries was mild but still present and included salt, garlic powder, onion powder, chili pepper, red pepper, black pepper, and cumin. This combination provided a mild spice that allowed the sweet potato flavor to shine without becoming overly spiced like Trader Joe’s. If anything, these may have even been underspiced.

The exterior of the fries was crispy, and the inside was soft and moist. The reason they do not rank higher, though, is that at the end of the day when you think of waffle fries, you think of regular potato, not sweet potato. While delicious, these fries are still not the pre-eminent example of the food genre.