Freddy’s Vs. Steak ‘N Shake: Which Is Better? –

Before we delve into offerings, we want to clear the air concerning each restaurant’s definition of a “steakburger.” According to Steak’ n Shake, the original owner of the company would grind T-bone, sirloin, and round steaks together before serving them up as burgers for customers to enjoy. Whether or not Steak ‘n Shake still uses these cuts of meat is unclear, as neither the website nor the ingredients list gives us insight into the matter. At Freddy’s, we find no such tradition, instead, the company simply identifies the burgers as 100% beef smashed thin and grilled until the edges are crispy on the side.

As far as the taste of the steakburgers from each company, know that the two are quite similar. Both feature a thin patty, raw onion, pickle, and cheese, and both restaurants allow customers to customize the burger to their liking. Note that while Steak ‘n Shake may often ask you to pick your condiments, Freddy’s will do the task for you unless you ask otherwise.

Honestly, the steakburgers from both restaurants are delicious, though they veer on the salty side at times. We think this may be because the meat patties are so thin it’s easy to overdo the seasoning. Either way, each burger chain dishes up solid steak burger options that taste relatively similar, so it really comes down to a matter of personal preference.