Food Trends We’re Seriously Sick Of And Ready To Kick To The Curb –

If you are not familiar with the idea of “What I eat in a day” videos, they are best described as short video clips in which influencers, celebrities, and content creators share everything they eat in a day, including all major meals, snacks, and drinks. At first, these shorts and their longer YouTube counterparts covering weekly eating habits seemed fun and relaxing. They gave an additional glimpse into the private lives of some of our favorite social media people and were somewhat positive and inspirational, influencing us to be more creative in the kitchen and to plan our meals to avoid those gnarly takeout orders that are often the last resort during busy weekdays. However, at one point, the idea intended as sheer entertainment crossed the line and became one more piece of the calorie-obsessed society puzzle.

These days, “What I eat in a day” videos seem to act as a platform to promote unrealistic eating habits. They mainly focus on wholesome, vegan, or protein-laden meals and often list the calories and portion sizes. These videos are no longer intended as inspirational or practical. In many cases, they make you feel anxious and self-conscious about your daily eating habits. As it’s a trend that has long lost its original purpose, we’re fine with leaving this one behind and focusing on food content that adds value to our lives instead of promoting unhealthy, restrictive, and unsustainable trends.