Expert Tips For Elevating Apple Cider With Unexpected Spices –

Another way to round out apple cider is with fresh ginger. DeStio proposed that “allspice and fresh ginger add a really interesting dimension to spiked cider while still keeping with the traditional spiced flavor profile.” Allspice berries and ginger’s warming qualities match those of cinnamon and cloves, but fresh ginger brings an extra edge to the mix, whether the apple cider is spiked or not.

The experts gave a couple of suggestions on the sweeter side, too. Pourzanjani suggested a different variety of cinnamon to switch up the classics. According to him, the cinnamon that most people buy at the grocery store is cassia cinnamon, but Ceylon cinnamon “is a light, flakey bark with a more delicate and sweeter flavor and scent.” Ceylon cinnamon pairs well with apple cider and lets the apples’ sweetness shine through. Last of all, Max Green offered a creamy way to bolster apple cider’s sweetness with “a fat tablespoon of vanilla buttercream frosting.” This is a clever way to thicken up the beverage while adding vanilla for extra spice and sweetness.