Expert Tips For Choosing What Style Of Egg To Use On Breakfast Sandwiches –

For people who want to start their mornings with something warm in their stomach, not just yogurt or a bowl of cereal, a breakfast sandwich can be perfect since they’re quick and portable. But according to James Beard Award-winning chef Dan Kluger, the ingredients you put in your breakfast sandwich affect what style of egg you should use.

While Kluger is likely best known for his New York City restaurant Grey Wind, which focuses on seasonal produce and ingredients for its meals, he also runs The Bakery at Greywind, which sits just next door. Like the restaurant, the bakery focuses on seasonal ingredients and foods, and its specialties are bread, baked goods, and of course, sandwiches. The Bakery at Greywind’s Instagram is filled with mouthwatering photos of croissants, coffee cakes, and signature creations like the Greywind Bacon Egg & Cheese “Bao.”

Kruger knows sandwiches, so when he recommends what to use on a breakfast sandwich, it’s wise to take note. “If the egg is more of a garnish to something like chicken or sausage, then I typically go for fried,” he told . “If eggs are the main component, I’m more likely to do a scrambled egg.”

A fried or scrambled egg is the most portable option

If you’re looking for a breakfast sandwich you can eat on the go, one with a fried or scrambled egg is definitely the most practical option. After all, who wants to worry about the possibility of egg yolk oozing out of your sandwich while you’re driving to work or walking to the bus? Plenty of beloved breakfast recipes involve fried or scrambled eggs, such as egg in a hole and croque madame, and some of the best fast-food breakfast sandwiches feature fried or scrambled eggs, like McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and White Castle’s Belgian Waffle Sliders.

For those who insist a runny egg yolk is the only option, however, upside-down fried eggs are perfect for a mess-free breakfast sandwich. Simply flip the sunny-side-up egg directly onto the bottom piece of your bagel, bread, or croissant. The bread will soak up all that yolky goodness, meaning it won’t drip down the sides like it would if you placed it on top of the other ingredients.