Expert Advice For Picking The Best Wine To Pair With Pies –

Pumpkin pie, the Thanksgiving staple, and an off-dry Vouvray are yet another match made in heaven, as Winkler suggests. Vouvray, a region in the Loire Valley of France, is well-known for its production of superior white wines primarily made from Chenin Blanc grapes. One such variety of Vouvray possesses an off-dry profile with a touch of residual sugar, which harmonizes with pumpkin pie’s fragrant spices. The wine’s lighter texture also serves as an excellent counterpart to the pie’s dense filling, generating a well-balanced sensory experience. The dashes of honeysuckle in the Vouvray amplify the pie’s aroma, adding a floral dimension.

As Winkler describes, the hints of quince and green apple in an off-dry Vouvray augment the pumpkin’s autumnal flavors. The minerality offers a refreshing palate cleanser between bites of the pie, which Winkler describes as “not very sweet,” while ensuring a crisp, clean finish.