Every Exclusive CosMc’s Food Item, Ranked Worst To Best –

The pretzel bites are the only food offered at CosMc’s that didn’t really meet the mark in flavor. The bites lacked salt, and the dough had a strange, overly chewy texture that quickly became unappetizing. While the dough had a nice color to it, it did not have that same baked flavor your traditional pretzel has. While they’re not the worst thing in the world, you’re better off getting your pretzels elsewhere.

The biggest offense of these pretzel bites was the lack of flavor. They were missing the yeasty, buttery, salty combination you’d typically expect from a warm pretzel. The bites were as bland as they were unforgettable. These were sampled with no additional sauces, but perhaps they would do better with help from condiments. However, on their own, they are a skippable item for sure. If you have a picky eater, these may be a good option if you’re looking for something with plain flavors that won’t risk being offensive to sensitive tastebuds.