Dutch Bros’ 2023 Holiday Drink Lineup Reviewed: You Won’t Need Dessert After Sipping These –

The 2023 Holiday Trio joins other holiday drinks on the Dutch Bros menu that, frankly, feel more Christmas-y than the three beverages we reviewed today. For example, the Candy Cane Trio is a set of three beverages that are all mixed with chocolate syrup and peppermint flavoring; you can choose cold brew coffee, frozen coffee, or cocoa to get this treatment. Whichever one you pick, it’ll be crowned with Soft Top and peppermint sprinkles. Another chocolate-mint option is the Zero Sugar Added Peppermint Bark Mocha, which features sugar-free white chocolate, chocolate, peppermint syrups, espresso, and half-and-half.

In comparison to these candy cane and peppermint bark-flavored drinks, the hazelnut truffle and cupcake-flavored coffee beverages in the Holiday Trio seem more tenuously connected to the Christmas season. Cupcakes and truffles are certainly festive, but I don’t exclusively associate them with winter. The Merry Mischief Rebel feels completely random; other than its red-and-green color scheme, it’s not wintery at all; if it were cranberry-flavored, that would make more sense. It does fit with the Rebel lineup as a whole, which includes a plethora of brightly colored mixed-fruit drinks.