Donna Kelce Talks Her Super Bowl Snack Recommendations And Cooking For Travis And Jason – Exclusive Interview

For an occasion like the Super Bowl, do you make those sweet rolls that you mentioned that you would make for Thanksgiving, or do you have any other desserts that are your go-to for the Super Bowl?

More like dips, Chex Mix… That’s pretty much what I would do. Things that are very, very easy that you could pick up, put on a plate and go and sit down and watch the game.

Since Travis and Jason grew up outside of Cleveland, were there any particular regional foods that your family really liked from around the area?

Not really. I know there are lots of regional foods … but no, they were pretty much right down the line — steak, hamburgers, spaghetti. They liked things like that.

For someone who’s hosting a Super Bowl party and kids are going to be there, do you have any tips for hosting or any game day foods that you’d recommend? Or game day foods that your grandchildren like or ask for?

When hosting a Super Bowl party, it can be complicated at times, especially with the amount of differences in people and their likes and dislikes and what have you, but I don’t think it has to be. You just need to get things that you know they’re going to love to eat, and kids love things that are sweet and they love things that are easy that they can pick up and chew on. So I would imagine some chicken nuggets and just pizza, chips, dip, whatever. That’s what they’re going to gravitate towards. They’re not going to be eating huge meals. They’re going to be running back and forth. I think that would be the best. Just make it easy. Make it fun. They’ll eat whatever they usually eat. They’re not going to eat something new. That’s just not going to happen.

Final question: If a Super Bowl party, say, gets a little bit rowdy, what should you do if a guest or a son takes their shirt off and starts celebrating very enthusiastically?

I just think that people should enjoy themselves and have fun, and try to be themselves — unapologetically themselves.

Anything else that you wanted to mention?

There are so many more fans now than ever before, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m partnering with Barefoot Wine. They’re the official wine sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl LVIII. I just want to offer my playbook and help new fans host their first Super Bowl party.

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This interview has been edited for clarity.