David Rose Names The Biggest Mistake People Are Making With Prime Rib – Exclusive

Depending on the size, David Rose’s rule of thumb is allowing a prime rib to thaw in the refrigerator for “at least one day for every four pounds of meat”; the same goes for a large turkey. He also told that taking it out of the fridge and allowing it to get to room temperature before cooking is the key to a perfect roast.

“That is a rookie mistake, because you’ll have inconsistencies in cooking temperature, it’ll take longer to cook, and it won’t get that nice, brown coating on the outside — that delicious GBD (golden brown crust),” he detailed. The chef advised that you set out the prime rib for a minimum of one hour before cooking it, which will allow the temperature to level out for an even cook. After that, you can get to roasting — perhaps taking inspiration from Bobby Flay’s prime rib recipe or our homemade prime rib recipe. Happy cooking!

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