Dairy Queen Vs Carvel: Which Makes The Better Ice Cream Cake? –

Ice cream cakes are something of a luxury item, so they don’t come cheap no matter where you buy them. Depending on the size, you can find sensibly sized versions to serve small groups, larger iterations to feed bigger crowds, and even personal-sized takes to get just enough to feel satisfied.

Carvel’s store-stocked cakes at Kroger range from a 6-inch round cake called Lil’ Love, priced at $17.99. The label suggests five servings, which end up being almost bite-sized. You can also find an 8-inch round Happy Birthday Celebration cake for $26.99, a rectangular Original Ice Cream Cake for $31.99, and a half-sheet Celebration Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake for $35.99. According to Carvel’s site, servings for larger cakes range between 14 to 16 people and 35 to 40 people. Dairy Queen’s site displays a similar selection, though ice cream lovers can get a cupcake-sized version for about $3.29 to enjoy without having to share. Other sizes include $24.99 for an 8-inch round, $25.99 for a 9-inch heart, and $31.99 for a full sheet.

Prices for both brands may vary by location, of course. At $29.99, our 8-inch Dairy Queen test cake cost slightly more than the prices listed online.