Costco Vs Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich: Which Is Better? –

So then, which of these two croissant-meets-bacon-and-cheese sammies is more likely to take you on a one-way trip to flavor-town? Remember when we mentioned that these sandwiches place their bacon and cheese in different spots? That little tidbit proved to make all the difference in taste.

Let’s start with Costco, which hides its less crispy bacon and more-or-less-cheddar cheese (?) behind its beautiful, fluffy, fried egg. This sandwich was all about the fluff factor. The viral croissants buns were voluptuous and melted in our mouth, and the egg was just as delightfully puffy. As for the bacon and cheese — well, they were swallowed whole by the said fluffy egg they were nestled under. We didn’t really get much of these two flavors until around the sammie’s midpoint, making this less of a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and more like an extra fluffy egg and croissant sandwich.

But then, there was Starbucks. The brand placed its crispy-edged bacon and sharp cheddar cheese above the egg, which made all the difference in taste. From the first bite, we were flooded with intense bacon, cheddar, and croissant flavors. While the sammie’s egg wasn’t outstanding, it was doing what an egg patty should do –- acting as flavor and texture backup. And Starbucks’ breakfast sandwich’s crisper, denser, and more savory croissant buns kicked the whole eat off. Do we even have to tell you, then, that Starbucks’ sandwich is the winner of this breakfast taste test?