Cheddar’s Sides Ranked Worst To Best –

You may be wondering how plain mashed potatoes ended up ranking higher than the cheese and bacon variety. The answer is simple — the gravy makes all the difference. I first sampled the mashed potatoes plain, and trust me, this would have been ranked at the bottom of the barrel had it not been for the gravy. Though thick and chunky with potato skins and all, the potatoes had zero taste, almost as if they were composed mainly of water and a few splashes of milk.

Thankfully, the waitress asked if I wanted gravy, and I opted to sample both the brown and white varieties offered on the side. The white gravy was decent and very peppery, which definitely helped the potatoes out flavor-wise. My favorite, though, was the brown gravy. It had the perfect balance of umami taste without overpowering the potatoes, giving it a comforting vibe I’d be happy to sample again and again. 

Having said that, I have to be honest and clarify that though the brown gravy was indeed tasty, it had the flavor of canned rather than fresh gravy. I know Cheddar’s refers to itself as a scratch kitchen, but some items, like the brown gravy, don’t quite give off home-cooked vibes to me.