Canned Dunkin’ Coffee Vs Bottled: Which Tastes Better? –

In terms of appearance, the biggest difference between Dunkin’ canned and Dunkin’ bottled is the packaging. Dunkin’ bottles come in plastic bottles with a narrow lip, twist-off cap, and three indented rings. The Dunkin’ cans feature a streamlined, sleek, tall can with a pop top. Dunkin’ bottled gets points for being resealable.

Dunkin’ bottles use the signature colors of the brand, featuring brown, orange, and tan labels for each of the three flavors. The bottles are nearly identical, with the only major difference being the color and some minor differences in wording around the flavor. Dunkin’ cans, on the other hand, are more whimsical in their design. Each bottle is color-coded according to flavor, but these are brown, beige, and blue, breaking away from the Dunkin’ orange color. Each can also has a different graphic on it representing the different treat the flavor is based on. Brownie batter donut has a heart-shaped brownie, coffee cake muffin has a muffin, and cake batter donut has a sprinkle-covered donut. Additionally, at the top, each can has a colored banner with the shape — brownie hearts, muffins, and sprinkles– scattered on it.

All of the coffee drinks themselves appeared similar in color and clarity. All were milky, with a light brown color. The outliers were the mocha and brownie batter donut varieties, which both had a darker hue.