Campbell’s Chunky Soup Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best –

Chicken noodle is a beloved soup flavor and there’s nothing like it to fight off the sniffles. The best aspects of Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle are the price and ease of preparation. Like the other flavors in this line-up, a can costs around $2 at Walmart and contains two servings. Then, after just two and a half minutes in the microwave, your bowl is ready to sip. That’s more than easy enough to make even for someone down with the flu. Even better — this soup is entirely kid-friendly.

A golden broth makes the base of this chicken noodle soup and each can contains eight or nine respectably-sized cubes of chicken. Noticeable pieces of carrots and celery float alongside spiral noodles. Laymen will probably never know what food scientists have done to this pasta to keep it from getting mushy, but it holds together. The texture isn’t fantastic, but isn’t off-putting either.

Generally, this soup looks attractive, but unfortunately, the metal of the can imparts a strong tinny taste throughout the product. The recipe doesn’t have strong enough seasoning to disguise it. To combat this, you might open a can, store the contents in a glass dish in the refrigerator for a day, and then eat it. The flavor will improve tremendously. You could also try the spicy or ghost pepper varieties, which are much stronger in flavor. You’ll also find a “Healthy Request” version of this soup with reduced sodium.