Baskin-Robbins Turkey Day Fixin’s Ice Cream Review –

You don’t go to Baskin-Robbins to be lectured about macronutrients. You go to be entertained by frozen, sugary inventions. So, while nutrition is a consideration, it’s obvious that ice cream will take you off the path to wellness if only a touch. While direct nutritional information about Turkey Day Fixin’s doesn’t appear to be available online, compared to the general population in the ice cream case, you’ll likely consume around 200 calories for a single scoop, with about 10 grams of fat, and 20 or so grams of sugar. You can minimize the impact by ordering your scoop in a cup, preventing additional calories, fat, or sugar.

Of course, these facts will likely vary somewhat due to the specific nature of the Turkey Day Fixin’s ingredients. Baskin-Robbins may add facts tailored to the flavor once it’s been on the market a while longer. Just know that you can take a taste without blowing up your nutrition for the entire day. And since this special edition was crafted in the spirit of gratitude and sharing, think about sampling into an impromptu dessert-only Thanksgiving with friends to share the scoop.