Barefoot Wines, Ranked Worst To Best –

Barefoot brut cuvée is a perfectly acceptable dry sparkling wine. The top popped beautifully, and immediately, we were met with a crisp bouquet that tickled our nose. The bubbles are fine and plentiful. The first sip of this wine brought a weirdly grapey flavor and a noticeable tartness. We are aware wine is made from grapes, but the fruitiness from this wine was more reminiscent of grocery store grapes. This, however, mellowed out as we drank the wine.

We appreciated that, true to the label, this was a dry, bubbly wine. This wine would be fine sipping at a casual event but would excel as a mimosa base. The dry base would mellow out the sweetness of orange juice, and the underlying notes of orange and grape would blend well. Additionally, since this is a more affordable sparkling option than many other brands, you will not feel bad mixing it in a cocktail.

This wine does everything it promises on the label, and while it is not a premiere example of the genre, it is fun and drinkable.