Arbor Mist Flavors Ranked Worst To Best –

There was a bit of hesitation going into this one. From the aroma, we were getting those notes of PEZ again, which we did not love the first time. However, once we tried it, our fears were relieved. This hot pink drink is fruity, mildly acidic, and ultimately refreshing.

What fruits make up this “exotic” mixture? Well, the label has a picture of limes and raspberries. We definitely get notes of both. Once again, the raspberry tastes a smidge artificial, but not nearly so much as the Raspberry Pink Moscato. Instead, we have a much lighter flavor that incorporates plum and citrus.

Even with these tangy flavors, the drink is easy to consume. The sweetness and light carbonation make it refreshing enough to just kick back and enjoy. The combination of fruits creates a more complex and interesting flavor than the straight-up raspberry.

Ultimately, this flavor and the pineapple strawberry were neck and neck, but the pineapple strawberry just barely beat this one out.