Andrew Zimmern’s Advice For Simply Perfect Mac And Cheese – Exclusive –

Andrew Zimmern refuses to mess with classic mac and cheese. “I do not put lobster in my mac and cheese, ever,” the food personality tells . He also has strong opinions about other elevated mac and cheese ingredients, adding, “That’s a horrible idea. Putting in truffle oil or truffle butter is a horrible idea.” So what’s the secret to a mouth-watering mac and cheese on Zimmern’s table? 

The chef makes a breadcrumb topping that provides a “crusty contrast to the cheesy, creamy sauce that’s underneath.” According to the television star’s recipe, the bread crumbs are mixed with grated parmesan and liberally sprinkled on the top of the dish, drizzled with olive oil, then baked. Despite Zimmern’s distaste for lobster mac, he does garnish the comfort food with cut tomatoes and fresh basil. However, if his recipe doesn’t suit your fancy, you can check out ‘s one-pot mac and cheese or classic baked mac and cheese.