After Years Of Resisting, McDonald’s Coffee Has Won Me Over –

First things first: the taste. McDonald’s is on top of its game in the coffee department. To get a genuine sense of the quality, I ordered a medium-sized premium roast coffee, black, and immediately noticed how smooth it was. It had a rich, full-bodied flavor that was both complex and delicious. I will admit, it possessed a slightly burnt edge at first, but this truly didn’t bother me after a few drops. I sincerely did not expect to be so impressed with coffee from a fast food chain — surely, there are more elegant javas to choose from.

Another thing that stood out to me about the McCafé coffee was its aroma. I detected notes of vanilla and chocolate, which augmented the overall experience. I don’t always encounter such strong scents from other coffee brands, so this was a pleasant surprise. It really made me feel like I was enjoying a well-crafted cup of java in a high-end cafe, rather than grabbing a paper cup o’ joe from a McDonald’s drive-thru.

I don’t always take coffee black, but the great thing about McCafé’s version is that it’s fairly versatile. While there aren’t as many customizable ingredients as, say, Starbucks, you can personalize it by adding cream, sugar, or flavored syrups like French vanilla and caramel. However, I found that the coffee is lovely by its plain, pure self.