Aarón Sánchez Talks Tequila Cocktails And The Best Tacos In The Country – Exclusive Interview

So this is going to be a controversial question, but what’s the best taco city in America?

Oof, that’s a tough one. I’ll give you a couple, how about that? I mean, I feel like you can’t go wrong with Los Angeles, obviously, just because of the density of Mexicans there. Houston is a big one. I think personally, Chicago has some of the best Mexican food in the country, that’s just me. I think Miami has stepped up in a major way, what they’re doing down there, and Homestead and those areas. They have a huge enclave of Mexicans. They’re making great food there, great tacos. And then you have some places, like smaller areas like Austin, it’s always been kicking ass, Phoenix. So there’s many, many places that I’m a fan of.

Beyond your home and restaurants, what is your favorite taco spot in the US?

Oh, that’s a tough one.

It’s the hard-hitting questions.

I mean, I have so many. I love a place in Chicago called Tacos Uruapan, which does really great carnitas tacos. I love what they do at Big Star in Chicago as well, with my good friend, Chef Paul Kahan. There’s a place in Austin that’s called Valentina’s that does barbecue, but with tacos. Valentina’s in Austin, which I really love. Yeah, there’s so many. I mean, give me a couple, because I feel like I’m going to piss my friends off. But anyway, there’s many different layers, but yeah.

Do you have a go-to order?

Yeah, I always go, I love a good pastor, on a trompo. You know, the place I used to always go, the best one I’ve ever had, it’s called La Gringa in Guadalajara, Mexico, which is my favorite that I’ve ever tasted. So I always go for a pastor if I see it. I love a great taco de cabeza, you know, like pork head. I love that. If I’m in Rosarito or Baja California, I definitely go for my fish taco, because that’s kind of where I love to have it, where it was born and you just really can’t touch it.