7 Best And 5 Worst Store-Brand Guacamole –

It is the return, and redemption of the Park Street Deli Guacamole. This time, we are here with the classic flavor. Not only does this offer the affordability of Aldi, but this version of the dip is superior to its Southwest variant.

First of all, we have a classic flavor. It is mildly flavorful and is exactly what you think of when you think of guacamole. In addition, this version does not have the same additives that the Southwest version has. Instead, it is made from a straightforward combination of avocado, distilled vinegar, water, jalapeños, salt, dehydrated onion, and granulated garlic. While these are not all fresh ingredients, they are all perfectly serviceable. They are also identical to what’s in the Wholly Guacamole brand dip, and it tastes like it. The two products are nearly indistinguishable. 

The thing that gives Park Street Deli the win here is the price. Prices may vary by location, but we can buy Wholly Guacamole at $0.49 per ounce at Kroger, while the Park Street brand sells for only about $0.29 per ounce at Aldi. The Park Street Deli Guacamole tastes the same but is cheaper, so it gets the win between the two.