6 Cuts Of Steak You Should Never Order Rare And 5 You Should –

A skirt steak comes from the “skirt” part of the animal — think the very underside of the cow’s belly. Skirt steak is known for being long, lean, thin, and tough if you don’t cook it correctly. In fact, if you cook it too long, it’s going to be exceptionally tough. For that reason, cook this steak only to rare. The aim is to cook on exceptionally high heat as quickly as possible to brown the steak on the outside, without toughening up the meat fibers on the inside.

However, cooking this steak to rare only, and cooking it fast and hot, aren’t the only things you’ll have to do to ensure that you don’t run into a tough bite or two. You’ll also want to be sure that you cut your skirt steak against the grain. This will help break down any tough fibers so the steak is easier and more enjoyable to eat. This is not a steak that you’ll be leisurely eating with a baked potato in big, succulent chunks — a skirt steak is best enjoyed in long, narrow strips, such as on top of a salad, in a stir fry, or fajitas.