51% Of Fans Think This Halloween Candy Is Superior, Per A Poll –

Many people expressed surprise that another American favorite, Snickers, wasn’t included on the list. “No Snickers on the list is like asking ‘what’s your favorite breakfast meat’ and not listing bacon,” one disappointed commenter said. “Actually it’s Snickers for me, but you didn’t list Snickers as a choice. Why not? Snickers would have won hands down,” said another.

Since Halloween candy is meant to be for kids, not necessarily yourself, it’s important to remember that kids prefer peanut butter cups, too. In a 2021 YouGov poll for kids between the ages of eight and 14, a whole 75.9% voted for Reese’s, and Snickers didn’t even break the top 10.

Wisely, Reese’s has fully embraced its identity as a Halloween candy. This year, Reese’s is offering a huge array of Halloween-themed products to buy, including white creme peanut butter ghosts and pumpkins; milk chocolate bats, skeletons, and pumpkins; and even “Franken-Cups,” which are milk chocolate and green-colored creme peanut butter cups. But really, ordinary peanut butter cups are all you need to make the kids happy when they come trick-or-treating, and this year, the brand even offers a plant-based option.