45% Of Fans Think One Cracker Barrel Side Is Superior To The Rest –

While the competition wasn’t as close as we expected, not everyone agrees that the hashbrown casserole is the winner when ranking the best Cracker Barrel side dishes. Still, potatoes are clearly a Cracker Barrel favorite. Next in line after the hashbrown casserole was another classic potato dish; mashed potatoes raked in 23% of the vote. Coming in third was something a bit on the sweeter side — 16% of voters said they prefer the fried apples. Bringing up the rear, 11% of voters were fans of the fried okra for their preferred side dish while only 4% gave their vote to the green beans. 

It’s clear that Cracker Barrel’s potato dishes reign supreme in the eyes of most fans. Even so, there were some folks in the comments section who expressed that their personal favorite side dish wasn’t one of the five dishes represented on the poll. One commenter said, “I’ve just got to say that their mac and cheese is amazing,” while another gave an alternative potato option, adding, “My favorite side is the pecan sweet potato casserole.” Other honorable mentions in the comments went to biscuits and gravy, cabbage, dumplings, cauliflower cheese, coleslaw, and more. In the end, though, one commenter said what most people are thinking: “[Hashbrown] casserole hits different, let me tell you right now.”