12 Tricks For Making Seriously Delicious Egg Fried Rice At Home –

Egg fried rice offers a wonderful canvas for a wide variety of proteins. You can, of course, eat it on its own, but it’s also a great vehicle for diced chicken, sliced pork, shrimp, or tofu. Chicken and pork are particularly good options to include in the dish since each can be quickly stir-fried, helping to keep the meal quick and convenient. Shrimp can provide a unique seafood twist, contributing a hint of sweetness and a delicate texture to your egg fried rice. And tofu adds more than heft and protein for those following a more plant-based diet. Tofu also possesses a wonderfully mild, absorbent quality that readily takes on the flavors of different sauces and seasonings, making it another perfect option for the dish. 

For even more robust, meaty and umami-packed flavors, you might also opt for lean flank steak, tender slices of sirloin steak, chunks of richly marbled ribeye steak, or even ground beef that has been quickly browned before being added to the fried rice.

Use any of these proteins on their own, or toss them in a marinade for a while before use so they are even more tender and flavorful, advises culinary director Jazmine Hall. “I don’t think marinating your proteins is necessary, but it doesn’t hurt,” she says. “It can add more flavor to your food overall.”