11 Christmas Candy Cane Flavors Ranked –

In the merrymaking spirit of one Clark Griswold — can we get a drumroll, please? Our number one, most irresistible candy cane flavor is none other than one created by a chewy candy star. Ladies and gentlemen, our winner is: Starburst Holiday Candy Canes. These candy canes won our foodie hearts because they not only passed but excelled at every one of our great candy cane taste criteria.

Each pack of these Starburst Christmas candy canes offers three different Starburst-inspired flavors, (or colors, as they are more commonly known in the world of candy lovers) — strawberry (that’s the pink one), lemon (the yellow one), and green apple (and yes, as you may have guessed, that’s the green one), and every, single, one, of the brand’s candy cane varieties don’t just live up to but live in their Starburst flavor glory. In other words, the strawberry flavor was the best strawberry candy cane of the bunch, the lemon like a juicy and deliciously sweet lemonade, and the green apple like a candied version of the tart fruit. But above all else, these candies all offer that distinct tart-tang taste of chewing your way through an actual Starburst.

The best-flavored candy canes we tried while also tasting exactly like Starburst candy, Starburst Holiday Candy Canes are the first name on our nice list, the winner of all our reindeer games, and our pick for the best candy-flavored canes on the market.